RTLua for INtime


  • Full control of the platform: RT-Lua runs on the target RTOSrtlua for intime

  • Source code portability: Like in Lua, you program in C, Lua or a mixture of both and your program runs in a wide varied of (sometimes radically different) platforms and architectures supported.
  • Transform hardware in commodity: Design and code your products for RT-Lua and make them hardware-independent. Upgrade or completely change your hardware in the future and save time and money invested on the previous code development.
  • Development on targets: Fully functional Lua on the target itself. No need to install development environments on the PC side, other than a serial or ethernet console/terminal emulator. Use any text editor and use them directly in your platforms.
  • Flexible products: Add modern high level script-language capabilities to your projects, resulting in highly adaptable, field-programable and reconfigurable designs. Efficient future evolution to your systems.
  • Shorter TTM: Optimizes Time to Market, shorter time to revenue, improved ability to hit critical market windows, agility to survive in turbulent market conditions
  • Embedded RAD: Prototype and experiment on a Rapid Application Develop model. Test your ideas directly on the target platforms.
  • Longevity: Add user configuration and scripting capabilities to your projects, making them adaptable to the always changing contexts of industrial processes, evolving engineering, automation standards, IoT, field optimizations etc...

PC based platform


  • Full control of the platform  (IO, Memory, PCI-Bus)
  • RT-Lua INtime API
  • Real-time Lua Socket
  • Low Level Ethernet access
  • Remote Procedure Calls
  • MODBUS TCP Library
  • MQTT Library
  • Sqlite3 Library


  • EclipseLDT based Development Environment
  • Context sensitive help
  • Create ready to run executables

You can…

  • write a PCI bus scanner in less than 50 lines of code
  • expect a deterministic  sub-milliseconds timing*
    *depending on hardware platform

button request more info o


Deterministic sub-milliseconds timing

1ms scope

-- LUA code --

while true do


EclipseLDT based Development Environment

eclipse ldt


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